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Recruit. Train. Retain.
Recruiting sales talent can be one of the most challenging and expensive tasks our clients face in their business. Sales is the lifeline of every business, and if you don’t hire the right people, your business will suffer. RPG has designed a strong formula for hiring great sales talent, compensation.  Through our proven low overhead sales recruiting process, we have perfected the art and science of sales recruiting.  In turn, we are helping our clients by sourcing sales professionals at a fraction of the cost, time, and frustration of doing it themselves.
Our executive team of seasoned sales professionals and a mix of in-house and outside trainers, keep RPG equipped and fresh on current market trends, culture, and policy. Sales is sales, right? Wrong! You can train to perfection, and RPG partners with its client to create and deliver relevant content to their unique business strategy.
By creating a lucrative compensation structure and vibrant company culture, RPG prides itself on an extremely high retention rate. When you have people figured out, like we do, its not hard to keep them onboard, and RPG does just that. With milestone markers to signify each accomplishment and tenure anniversary, our employees look forward to each one they celebrate with RPG and so do we!
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